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Weather Ready

The Fall & Winter Seasons are up next! For most people it is important to focus on the face; the focal point of your image. What about the body?  It is ideal for your skin to look flawless but what about how it feels? Do you ever notice how dry & itchy your skin feels during the colder seasons?

A lot of people believe their moisturizing lotion and creams should do the trick. However, recent scientific studies discovered using lotions and skin creams can actually weaken your skin’s resistance to the elements and create a dependency on skin products. There are moisturizers that contain glycerin in the first 3 ingredients. This makes the skin feel moist because Glycerin is a humectant, which means it draws moisture to itself. The nearest source of moisture is actually the skin itself. Consequently, the cumulative effect of most skin care products is that of actually drying out the skin. The skin is the largest organ you possess and the body is self-healing and more independent than its given credit for. So the question is what is the best form of moisturizer?? It is never a bad idea to drink plenty of water no matter the season & use natural oils such as olive, moroccan, coconut or argon oil. Vegan and organic products are always a great choice when utilized for skin care. Stay warm stay soft!!


Brow Business

Your eyebrows are one of the features that truly frame the face. It has a very important job and that is to accentuate the eyes. Eyebrows not only accentuate or enhance the eyes they convey your mood, beauty and style. There’s a trend of unnatural brows emerging and therefore altering the purpose of beauty enhancement.

Due to the obsession with perfection, there is a trend of over tweezing, waxing and or threading to have “ultimate” arch. Because of this trend, the concept of natural brows is slowly fading. Women are adopting stiff, pointy, virtually hairless eyebrows as the new standard.  Typically this trend wears off and they desire a thicker brow. The good news is that there are corrective measures to achieve a natural brow look!

If an enhanced but natural look is what you wish to achieve then these few tips will help you:

1). Find a model you admire with similar features and for brow inspiration. You will find that typically the brow is very heavy and/or natural for the most dramatic effect. They are usually not the barely there or super manicured look. To avoid insensitivity, the preceding opinions are not bashing manicured brows or thin brows as some have hair loss or illnesses causing the “unnatural look” and it may be a great alternative for the circumstance.

2). Manipulate the eyebrow by more brushing and brow makeup to achieve the natural look and defined shape.

3). If you are not certain of which eyebrow shape best suits you, see your makeup artist or esthetician for a consultation.

Eyebrows & Brows


Look Like A Model

1). Great Skin Care – a lovely and even complexion is always a great way to showcase your inner beauty. 

2). Hair- Your hair should be healthy if nothing else. Make sure you have a style that is classic and shows of your greatest facial features. Cheekbones are everything!!

3). Makeup- It is a great idea to have the bare face or natural look to enhance your strongest features but not to look overdone. Too much makeup tends to hide your natural beauty. Think of yourself as a beautiful canvas on display for the world.

4). Nails- It is great to have natural/neutral colors and healthy cuticles. 

5).Attire- It’s great to be stylish & have fun!

6).Angles- It is important to know your angles. When taking a picture or strolling down a grocery aisle, make sure to walk like it’s your personal runway. Always be aware of your facial expressions and your stride. You never know who is watching and practice makes perfect.

If you need assistance with any of the suggested tips, B. Enhanced Beauty is here to help!!


Natural Beauty
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