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Strip Lashes Application

Strip Lashes Application (different lash types available)

$15 | 15 mins

Au Naturale

Your natural features will be enhanced and you’ll be prepared for a run to the store, lunch date or interview. Whatever your plan is for the day you will look effortlessly gorgeous. Lashes NOT included.

$85 | 45mins

Runway Ready

This look is totally fun and exciting. Your favorite features will be more enhanced and show off your star quality. Foundation, lipstick and lashes are important but it is how your features are highlighted that makes all the difference. You will be ready to walk on any runway! (Lashes and Brow Makeup Included)

$115 | 90 mins

Brow Business Tutorial

No tweezing, waxing, threading…no bother. A tutorial for brow makeup application to enhance your brows. Learn the best technique for your brow shape. This is a great way to maintain a fabulous look until your next hair removal appointment.

$50 | 60 mins

Basic Beauty Makeup Tutorial

Learn how to accomplish the natural day to day look and what products to utilize when applying your makeup at home. Client will receive step by step hands on on instruction. Personal shopping included with the purchase of a custom makeup kit.

$120 | 70 mins

Pretty & Prep

A nice ADDITION to a makeup tutorial. Client will receive assistance in going through all personal makeup items. Advice is given on what items are needed for day to day makeup application, what items to discard and what may be on the to buy or Christmas gift list. Personal shopping including with the purchase of custom makeup kit.

$145 | 90mins

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